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Successful enterprises today are sensitive towards the workplace environment that they provide to their workers and employees. Ensuring the safety of the workers and employees at the workplace goes a long way into creating a loyal workforce. Workmen’s Compensation protects an employer again his liability to compensate an employee due to any workplace injury or occupational Diseases to an employee. As an employer, you need to reserve for this compensation by having an insurance cover that enables you to protect yourself in future. Our team is well abreast with the Workmen’s Compensation Act of India 1923 and can provide the most beneficial worker insurance coverage as per law.

What is covered in Workmen Compensation?

Compensation amount for injury to be paid to workers employed in construction works,mines, factories, plantations, mechanically propelled vehicles or any other place of employment.

Medical expenses incurred due to injury at workplace.

We offer a holistic approach to worker insurance that helps reduce the total cost of risk from casualty.

Why Us

We help you effectively manage the costs of workmen compensation.

We help you formulate pre and post loss strategies.

We help you in claims management.

Workmen Compensation Offerings

Permanent Total Disablement

Temporary Disablement

Permanent Partial Disablement

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Medical Cost

Legal cost and expenses

What do you get

Comprehensive coverage curated by experienced professionals.

Flexible plans and customized solutions.

Prompt Response

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