Product manufacturers, business owners or high-stake professionals such as medical surgeons or lawyers – everyone needs to protect themselves from third-party liability. With liability insurance, you are able to indemnify most of your managerial or professional liabilities. In short, liability insurance protects you against law suits or legal payouts. Avalani Solutions offers Liability Insurance products and solutions that incorporate the most recurring or the rarest kinds of risks affecting your reputation, profession or organization.

When do you need Liability Insurance?

When you need coverage against unforeseen lawsuits arising due to accidents or injury or any loss owing to the nature of your profession or business.

When you need coverage for product liability or for losses due to product recall.

When you need protection against property damage costs or premises liability.

You may be a product manufacturer in need of product insurance in general.

Why Us?

Our experts analyze the risks at micro and macro levels before curating a policy for you.

We try our best to negotiate a reasonable price and give you the best coverage possible.

Our consultants and networking resources make the process smoother and faster for you.

Liability Insurance Offerings

Product Liability

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity 

Contaminated Product Insurance

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Product Recall

Public Liability

Errors and Omissions

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

What do you get

Cost effective coverage

Perfectly cutomized solution for your type of business or profession

Risk management consulting